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Racehorse rehabilitation services

ECB Aqua Treadmill - New for 2018

The ECB Aqua Treadmill combines the most unique system on the market with the highest standard materials to provide the most effective aqua treadmill available. The built in computer has the ability to store up to 100 tailor-made programs, making it easy to monitor, assess and customise each individual horse’s needs. This treadmill can be set to any water depth from 0 to 1.2 meters and even has the ability to double as a standard dry treadmill. It has a fully adjustable incline option from 0% to 12% allowing you the flexibility of targeting specific muscle groups and increasing resistance as and when needed. The chiller unit enables us to cool the water to our desired temperature which means we can also use the treadmill as a cold water spa, ideal for treating a wide range of injuries including sore shins, suspensory ligament injuries, sprains, strains and swelling, additionally it can be used as a preventative measure after exercise. The Aqua Treadmill has large safety glass viewing panels on all sides offering the ability to gain a full 360 degree view of the horse whilst working.

Exercising in water significantly reduces joint concussion which is essential when rehabilitating injuries and developing young horses. Plus the resistance of the water creates a strengthening environment which cannot be recreated during normal training. Additionally the aqua treadmill offers the unique opportunity of being able to build muscle, strength and balance without the influence of tack or rider. Most impressive, however, is the ability to increase stride length through training on the treadmill. Research has shown that the buoyant effect of the water allows the horse to extend the muscles over their back which in turn provides the freedom of movement needed to increase stride length. This ability to create greater muscle extension over the back also makes the aqua treadmill ideal for treating back problems and building top line.

Effects of training with water at carpus height

  • Increases limb movement
  • Increases distal limb joint range of motion
  • Increases rotatory movement of spine
  • Increases pelvic flexion
  • Allows lengthening of back muscles
  • Increases gap between dorsal spinal processes
  • Strengthens abdominal muscles
  • Allows for correction of movement dysfunction without interference form rider

Effects of training in high water

  • Decreases joint concussion
  • Increases stride length
  • Resistance in water is approx. 12 times greater than in air-depending on the speed of movement. This makes water a natural and instantly- adjustable weight-training machine. Unlike most land-based exercise, water provides a resistance to the movement in all directions, which allows all of these directions to be used in the strengthening process.
  • Increases pelvis flexion by effect of buoyancy
  • Decreases lateral bending

Effect of inclination

  • Increases muscle work up to 30%
  • In combination with water, muscle work in hind leg muscles is increased up to 3 times the work required on treadmill without water and inclination
  • Effective in correcting body posture in motion without the interference of the rider
  • Inclination significantly increases muscle force requirements and is therefore targeting strength training

We are now ready to take bookings for horses who require either fitness or rehabilitative treadmill work. We are happy to work to rehabilitation programs supplied by vets, physiotherapists or other equine specialists and can accommodate whatever length of stay is required.

Stabling is provided within a 6 box barn, all fully equip with rubber matting on the floors and walls and automatic drinkers. All horses boarding with us to use the Aqua Treadmill will be specifically under the care of the treadmill operator to ensure that rehabilitative work is closely monitored.

To discuss requirements, make bookings, general enquiries or to see if we have any immediate availability please contact Bridget Drew on

Other treatments available

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy using the ACTIVO-MED System

Unique magnetic treatment for fast healing of;

  • Tendon and ligament damage
  • Sore Shins
  • Inflammation of joints
  • Sore backs

Vibration Massage therapy, using the EQUISSAGE System to enhance performance, facilitate healing, promote general health and well-being and treat specific illnesses and injuries with powerful cycloidal vibrations.

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